Frequently Asked Questions

Where can my order be shipped?
Orders can be shipped to the continental United States (US 48).

How to Perfect Your Everyday Recipes in the Forever Pans

How do I make rice?
Watch: How to make delicious, fluffy rice in the Forever Pans 1.5-qt. Sauce Pot.

How do I sear salmon correctly?

Watch: How to make a perfectly cooked piece of salmon in the Forever Pans 11-inch High-Sided Fry Pan.

What’s the best way to make the PERFECT eggs?
Watch: How to make eggs in 3 different ways in the Forever Pans 10-inch Fry Pan.

How do I sear a steak?

Watch: How to sear steak the right way in the Forever Pans here 11-inch High-Sided Fry Pan.

What is the difference between the standard cookware set and the professional cookware set?The professional cookware set is over 15% thicker, which gives added durability, helps to distribute heat more evenly, and helps to retain temperature when food is added. 

Is the nonstick coating PFOA free?
Yes. Every Forever Pan is finished with a triple layer of nonstick coating. Made without PFOA, lead, or cadmium* (*nonstick coating as tested by independent labs)

What are the pans made from?
The Forever Pans are made of dual-sided, “double-anodized” hard-anodized aluminum coating with a protective oxide layer on the outside and inside that makes the pan’s core stronger than steel.

  • Base: Hard-anodized aluminum.
  • Bottom and handle: Stainless steel induction plate and handle(s).
  • Glass lid: Glass with stainless steel handle and wrap.
  • Cooking surface/inside of pan: High-quality nonstick coating.

Why is hard-anodized cookware more durable than ordinary cookware?
Hard-anodized surfaces are durable, corrosion resistant, and non-reactive. You can cook anything in pans with hard-anodized surfaces, including acidic ingredients, like tomatoes, lemon juice, and wine. These surfaces also maintain the excellent heat conduction properties of regular aluminum; the surface heats up fast and distributes heat evenly. The Forever Pans are nonstick, which means there is less need for oils/butter when cooking. The pans heat evenly and quickly, react quickly to temperature changes, do not ding or scratch easily, and are stackable.

Using Your Cookware

What stove tops can I use the pans on? Are they compatible with induction cooktops?
Use your Forever Pans on all stove top ranges—electric, gas, ceramic, or induction—before transferring easily into the oven. The stainless steel induction plate on the bottom each pan makes the pans compatible with induction cooktops.

Are the pans oven safe?
The Forever Pans are oven safe to 500°F. That means you can use the pans to sear on the stove top and finish cooking in the oven.

Do the pans need seasoning?
We recommend seasoning the Forever Pans on a regular basis for best performance.

How do I season the pans?
Watch: How to season the Forever Pans cookware.

Should the pans be preheated when cooking?
Preheat the Forever Pan over medium heat before adding food. The food should sizzle when placed in the pan. Do not crowd the pan with food. Please follow recipe guidelines and instructions.

Cleaning Your Cookware

Do the pans require special cleaning?
No. The Forever Pans are dishwasher safe. We recommend using soap and water. A plastic scrub-type cleaner can be used to clean cooked-on food.

The best practice for cleaning pans with a nonstick coating is to wash by hand and wipe with a dry cloth. The pan can be air dried.
Watch: The best way to clean the Forever Pans cookware.

Indoor Smokeless Grill FAQs

Where can I use the Indoor Smokeless Grill?
The Indoor Smokeless Grill is designed to cook authentic, char-grilled BBQ meals indoors all year round. On any day in any weather!

How does the Indoor Smokeless Grill help keep my kitchen clean?
The Indoor Smokeless Grill includes a Tempered Glass Lid that prevents splatter and helps keep your countertop clean while Turbo-Speed Smoke Extractor Technology helps keep your kitchen virtually smoke-less.

Is the unit easy to clean? Can I place it in the dishwasher?
Yes! The Grill and Griddle Plate are designed with Advanced Nonstick Coating, so nothing sticks the surface. There’s no soaking or scrubbing required afterwards. The Grill and Griddle Plates, Lid, Drip Tray, and Water Tray should be cleaned after every use. The Grill Plate, Griddle Plate, Drip Tray, and Water Tray can be placed in the bottom rack of the dishwasher or washed by hand. The Base Unit can be washed by hand with a warm, damp cloth and mild cleaning liquid. The Heating Element should not get dirty due to it being covered by the Grill or Griddle Plates. If you do need to clean the heating unit, unplug the unit, allow it to cool completely, and wipe with a damp cloth.

Does the Indoor Smokeless Grill include a griddle for pancakes?
The unit is sold by multiple retailers. Packaging differs based on retailers. Please check the retail package retail website for what is included with the unit.

How does Indoor Smokeless Grill transform into an electric skillet?
You can turn The Indoor Smokeless Grill into an electric skillet in seconds by replacing the Grill Plate with the Griddle Plate.

How does the Indoor Smokeless Grill help me cook healthier?
When cooking on the Indoor Smokeless Grill, fat and oil drain away into the removable Drip Tray. Plus, Advanced Nonstick Coating means no added butter or oil is required.

Is there a secret to getting the griddle to heat up and cook evenly?
The unit must be assembled correctly for it to heat up. Make sure the arrow imprinted on the Drip Pan is pointing toward the heating element area.

Incorrect placement of the Drip Pan can cause the heating element not to work. Read your instruction manual for proper assembly of all the pieces.

How do I control the cooking temperature on the Indoor Smokeless Grill?
The Indoor Smokeless Grill’s LED Smart Temperature Control lets you adjust the temperature from 220° F to 450° F with just the push of a button. Heat is distributed evenly for perfect grilling without hot spots.

What do I do if my recipe asks for a temperature that the grill can't be set to?
Use the temperature closest to what the recipe calls for. Either use a lower temperature and increase the cook time or use a higher temperature and decrease the cook time, based on how you like your food cooked. Be sure to check for doneness, and for further information, check the FDA guidelines at

How does the Indoor Smokeless Grill reduce virtually all the smoke from grilling?
The smokeless technology works by using the fan and filling the Water Tray with 1.5 cups water. If you do not use enough water in the Water Tray, greasy, sugary, or oily food may increase smoke output. Also, ensure your lid is completely sealed over the grill, as this helps contain smoke and seal in the flavor. Temperature, food type, fat content and marinade can increase smoke output. Finally, make sure to thoroughly clean the grill/griddle plates after each use.

Does the grill give food a grilled flavor? Does it have a smoky taste?
The Indoor Smokeless Grill imparts the same flavor, texture, and markings as using an outdoor grill. Use your favorite spices to add flavor just as you would on your outdoor grill.

What type of utensils should I use to cook on the grill and griddle?
In order to preserve the nonstick surface, we recommend you use only nonmetallic utensils made of wood, plastic, silicone, or bamboo.

What are the lines between the temperatures on the Temperature Dial?
These lines are for design purposes only.

Where are the Electric Fan and Fan Cover?
Both the Electric Fan and Fan Cover are already installed into the unit Base. These parts are not packaged separately.

Is the Indoor Smokeless Grill PTFE & PFOA free/free of chemicals?
The Indoor Smokeless Grill cooking surfaces have been tested and meet the recommended FDA standards for safe cooking.

Do you have to put water in the water tray for it to be smokeless?
Yes. You must put about 1.5 cups of water in the water tray. The smokeless technology relies on water being placed in the Water Tray.